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The ROSHAN TANEJA SCHOOL OF ACTING provides you with the best training in acting. Actors embarked on their acting career to get expert training prior to their move in the Entertainment Industry.

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The Roshan Taneja School of Acting

Our History

The Late, Professor Roshan Taneja, was the Founder & Head of the Dept. (Acting) at the ‘Film and Television Institute of India' ( FTII ) Pune, 1963-76. He then started the Roshan Taneja School of Acting (RTSA) in Mumbai in 1976. Since then, RTSA is known in the Indian Film Industry as the No. 1 & Prestigious Acting School in India.

Our Alumni

Professor Roshan Taneja himself trained at the prestigious Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre', New York. He has trained acting legends from India like Anil Kapoor, Aamir Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Rani Mukherjee and many more.

Our Teaching Techniques

RTSA's Acting Course is based on Prof. Taneja's techniques, adapted from his learnings from world-renowned gurus like Mr. Stanford Meisner from the 'Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre', New York.

Our Support

RTSA supports its graduating students with industry auditions, connections and information about work opportunities on a regular basis.

Total Students
Years of Experience
Students per Batch
Acting Course Components
Holds a Diploma in Cinema from the FTII Pune. After the establishment of Roshan Taneja School of Acting in Mumbai, Mrs Taneja trained under him in Acting in 1986, actively partaking in the school ever since. She conducts classes in Diction / Spot Monologue and is reputed for her exacting nature as a Teacher.
Mrs. Mithika Taneja
Holds 35 years of work experience in the Indian Film and Television industry with over 2000 hours of T.V programming in various genres as a T.V Director. Worked as an Asst. Director to Mr. Subhash Ghai -one of India leading Film Directors on 4 Feature Films that went on to become blockbusters.
Mr. Rohit Taneja
Is an Ex-Student of Prof Taneja at FTII Pune 1974. He is an instructor at Roshan Taneja School of Acting for over 25 years and has played several roles in Film and Television He conducts classes in Voice, Marks and Scene Study.
Mr. Harish Magan
An Ex-Student of Prof Taneja in the new millennium. He had previously been an active partaker of Marathi Theatre. He conducts classes in Imagination, Sense Memory, Observation and Scene Study.
Mr. Saurabh Pathak
An Ex-Student of Roshan Taneja School of Acting. He conducts classes in Monologue Imagination, Subjective Study and Sense Memory in the Weekend Course.
Mr. Nitin Ahir
An Ex-Student of Roshan Taneja School of Acting. He is the Founder of ADAYEGI Productions. He conducts classes in Improvisation and Movement.
Mr. Akshay Sharma
Diploma Holder in Acting out of Prof,Taneja’s Actors Studio in 1994. He specializes in classes in Action.
Mr. Rajiv Dwivedi
Conducts classes in Dance and is also actively involved in the choreography of shows and Film. He has been associated with Ganesh Acharya & Saroj Khan in the past.
Mr. Shailesh Koli
An Ex-Student of Roshan Taneja School of Acting . He conducts classes in Diction, Spot Monologue, Imagination and Sense Memory in the Weekend Course.
Mr. Vikram Joshi
Certified Yogacharya from Bhavan’s Yoga Bharati Mumbai. Has completed 600 Hrs of Yogacharya & A.Y.T (Accredited Yoga Teacher) course.
Mr. Dev Das
An ex-student of Roshan Taneja School of Acting. He is an Asst. Faculty and IT consultant to the institution.
Mr. Samay Sarangi
Body language is nothing, but behaviour used by an Actor to portray a character...

Late Professor Roshan Taneja, Veteran Indian Guru of Acting, for over 55 years and the Pioneer of teaching Method Acting in India. He trained at the prestigious Neighbourhood Playhouse School of the Theatre, New York, under Legendary American Guru of Acting, Late Sanford Meisner and late Sydney Pollack. Prof. Taneja was also the founder and former head of the Acting Department at the Film and Television Institute of India ( FTII ) Pune, 1963-76. He shifted to Mumbai and started his own school of Acting which is acknowledged universally as a premier institute of acting in India to date.

Prof. Roshan Taneja
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